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Equipment used:

Amek BC2 24 channel analogue mixing console

Antelope Audio ORION32 audio interface

Midas CR01 vintage preamp and inductor EQ

Neve 33609 precision stereo compressor/limiter

API 2500 bus compressor

SSL G Series bus compressor

FATSO EL7X full analogue tape simulator and optimizer

2x Purple Audio MC77 limiting amplifier

Alice 828 mixer,  limiter

Korg MR2000 DSD/PCM master recorder

Tascam DA-3000 DSD/PCM master recorder

Analogue mixdown services for recording artists and music producers

 "I recommend anyone trying Analogue Summing. The difference in separation, clarity and depth comparing to “in the box” mix is incredible"

For a long while I’ve been an advocate of analogue approach when it comes to music production and mixing techniques. Now you can get your track or album mixed (or only summed, if you are happy with your "in the box" mix) using my knowledge, skills, ears, and some cool, unique and sought-after pieces of analogue equipment to make your music shine and really stand out from the crowd!

If you are serious about your art and craft, and put a lot of effort into your creations, why not make sure your sound is as good as it can possibly be? Whether you feel that your mix need to be improved, or may be you are already happy with your mix but still wish to benefit from "warming" and "opening it up" by running your stems through my precisely tailored analogue summing chain, featuring cascaded discrete circuits, vintage hand-wound audio transformers, and some world-class group bus and mix bus compression, just send me a message through the contact page with a link to your track, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. The quoted cost will depend on the time required for the job, and that depends on the state your project is in at the time of handing it over, so please make sure you've done your absolute best before sending it to me! Now don't wait any longer, get in touch and find out for yourself how much warmer, smoother, silkier, classier and overall more pleasant your music can sound when summed "out of the box". I'm looking forward to hearing your tracks!

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