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Daydreaming (2 x 12" LP)

After putting out a string of brilliant singles and EP's in the past few years, Slavaki is up with his first artist album. It's hard to believe it's taken him 7 years since the first release, to come up with the idea of releasing a ''full-length''. No wonder, tracks have gotten time-tested, and have been carefully selected out of over 10 continuous hours of material written in the period between the year 2011 and 2015. Out on artists home label Elusive at the beginning of 2016 on limited 2x12" vinyl, CD and digital. This album is another peek into Slavaki's ever-expanding chest of musical treasures that never seems to fail to surprise.

[ELSVREC025]  Slavaki  - Daydreaming | Out on Elusive Rec, Jan 2016

Written and produced by Slavaki.

Lyrics and vocals on 'Overload' by Antonia Serra.

Lyrics and vocals on 'Emotive World' by Dat Boy Fresh.

Mastered by Anthony Lim.

Artwork by Danny Reinecke.

Copyright Elusive 2015 

DJ reactions:

Markus Homm (8bit)

Great LP, thanks for the music

Svein BrunstadStavanger, Oslo, Los Angeles / URB

“Phunky and deep” 

DJ Maurice
Partygroove Radio /
“support on my club house radio show”

Paris One Radio
Overload, Dudes From Chaloklum & Money Spell are my Fav ! Thx !


Philipp Wolgast (Loob Label, Suena Hermosa, Krad Records, Fantastic Friends, Vita)

great album, i always dig slavaki´s feel for crazy innoocence.. ;) thanx.


Someone Else
world / philly, berlin /
“money spell”

Marcel Dettmann
Berlin /
favourite track: ELSVREC025_A1_Slavaki_-_Daydreaming
rating: 5/5

Flipstones & Steve Sculpher (Groundworx Session / Radio Show)
very solid release very hard to pick a favourte to will support on our live shows outstanding work thank you

Le Jockey (Multi Vitamins, Fullbarr Records, The Fuss)
Finally something I like on here! Fantastic production, imagination and vibe. Ten out of ten. I have pre-rdered the vinyl, can't wait to play.
Douglas Fugazi (Reviewer at
sounds really cool. thanks

Thomas Tesla (Republic Artists Records)
Great music. I will remember Slavaki now.

Brothers' Vibe (Tony Rodriguez)
“ALL good!”


Alexi Delano (Plus 8, ADltd)
Thank you for the music.


Eric D. Clark

OVERLOAD! €DC subcurrent media

Copenhagen / Kolon:Trax / Tic Tac Toe
“Standards and Money Spell are my choices here,

Stefan Lange (Das schöne Leben Magazin)
solid collection thanks

SimonDSA - DeepSouthAudio
VolcanoRadio / Mu Bar - Christchurch NZ / Pulzar FM / Fresh FM / / myhouseyourh /
“Nice .. quality trippy beats .. infectious and well crafted


Essential deLuxe (Radioshow)
Good release

Erwin Kelemen
“fine art on this release,thx”
favourite track: ELSVREC025_A2_Slavaki_-_Standards
rating: 5/5

Mild Bang (XOOD, Loco, Thoughtless)
nice release!! will play!!


Terry Francis (Fabric)
ones 4 me

Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Multivitamins, Dilek)
Argentina / Switzerland / Delta FM 90.3 /
“Great release!!!! I will double check for my radio show
at Delta FM 90.3, Buenos Aires and also on my upcoming
gigs. Thanks for the music! :))”

Al Marzocchi (Rebel Rabble Brighton)
Nice album. Plenty of stripped down rhythms and spacey vibes. Will play on

Bedrud (Groove On Music)

we like dudes from chaloklum.. thanx for sending the promo :)

Acid Pauli
Munich /
“:-) :-)”
favourite track: ELSVREC025_C2_Slavaki_-_Money_Spell


igor marijuan
ibiza sonica /
“great stuff to be promoted at ibiza sonica”


Jamie Stevens (Chameleon|Bedrock)

A few tracks on here I like :) Thanks! (Music and Artist Content Management)
Sweet music

Eduardo Fusaro
Mktronic Radio Show / A&R Urbanized Records /
“Very Nice!!”
favourite track: ELSVREC025_D2_Slavaki_-_White_Stripe_Black_Stripe
rating: 5/5

chris fortier
nyc, field trip + various worldwide / /
“good album work”

berlin /
“very cool...thnaks for this.
i almost like every track in here...good for some smooth
warm ups!

Benoit C / Tsugi Magazine
Paris / Tsugi +
“Overload for me”

Ralf (LATERRA recordings)
deep and intense. Thx

Miguel Herrnandez
what a trip!!!!!nice release! tnx!

Dustin Kinney (5 Magazine)
Overload is nice


Hello Humanoids, Bons (Proton Radio, Proton Limited, Proton Music)
Thanks nice work.

Patrick Pulsinger
good release! will play standards for sure!


Light IDR (InfraDigrecords, Half Seas Over, Fade Records)
nice LP will play and support.thx

Nino / Misk
AltroVerso / Roma /
“playlist and support in altroverso”

Sossa (Circoloco)
nice release full support


Wender A (Magnetic/Nervous/Little Helpers/Groove On/Orion Muzik/Not For Us)
Nice Album. Emotive World is my fav here. thanks


Ibiza Sonica (Radio)
great stuff here to be promoted at ibiza sonica


Jonas Wahrlich (Eminor / DER HUT / PLUX)
Cool one!


Guido Nemola (Recycle Records)
good tracks, thanks

Timmy Byrne (Station Manager - Kiss FM)

Tim Overdijk (Zwartkrijt Records)
good track money spell grTim


Hans Tavera
Lima, Peru / / Afterhours Radio Show
favourite track: ELSVREC025_A1_Slavaki_-_Daydreaming
rating: 5/5

acidted blog
That's just lovely. need some public streams for posting.


Sterling (Club Control Future Radio,Sine & Saint FM)
On point guys, big support.

Chris Hirose (ESD)

Gabriele Gilleri
Trieste / www.differentgrooves-com
“supported & noticed by different grooves”

michel de hey
var /
“thanks for the pack”


Dan Marciano
“nice tracks !”

Sarah Zupko
Chicago / PopMatters
“need for listing CD for review”

Gee Moore (Bora Bora Music, Deepfiction, Technodogs, An Acid Test)
great stuff ;G)

Juann Bocca / Tha BassRoom Radio Show (Bunker, Arena Music, Suara)
nice sounds

Steve Leroy (Deep Cover)
Great LP! Downloading now!

Miguel Herrnandez
what a trip!!!!!nice release! tnx!


Pete Bidwell (circle., Grupo Mambo Ibiza, Reel House, S-Dance Live)

beautiful ep, love them all, will feature on my radio show if you can send

release as aiff/wavs pls thx pb




Dave Noonan (Outer Limits-Via Sound Radio-Sirenium)
Title track for me


Karol XVII & MB Valence (Loco Records, Loco Records Supreme)
good music. sounds nice. thx for sending

Miss Luna (Ibiza Live Radio/ MissLunaMusic)
many favourites on here, full support!

Koma (Jacbri Radio Show at Proton Radio)

Ash Roy (Trapez Ltd., Monique Musique, Creepy Finger, Soupherb)
thanks !


Riyaz Khan (Diversions Radio Toronto)
wonderful stripped down sounds !


Stacey Pullen
cool thanks
Lorenzo al Dino (Jockey Club Ibiza, Tiburon - Formentera, Royal plastic Radio Sho)
well done !


Mixmastermex Radio Show
cool :)
Ken Liu (Headset Recordings)
excellent. will play a few of these on the show, thanks!

Carlos Alfonsin
great release


Stas Drive (Sudbeat,MicroCastle,Hope,Plattenbank)
Some on here will try for sure, thanks !


Anderson Noise (Sleaze, Eukatech)
thanks for the music

Harry Avers (Noice Podcast)
solid release...

Something Global Radio
I would love the WAV's. Thanks for the music, downloading for Something Global (radio show / podcast). Check for plays.


Simon Deep (Fresh FM, Volcano Radio, Pulzar FM, 0FM,
cool thanks

Talin (Radio 3FACH, Lucerne)
nice album, smooth tunes! :)

Roger Sanchez (Stealth /ReleaseYourself/Under the Rader )


EDM Sauce
Absolutely love the groove on White Stripe Black Stripe


Nurhee (blue dye rec)
good package! thank you ;)

Jose Wated (Dilek, Audionumb, Tiwintech)
interesting will try

I3000 (Radio Studio One)
Tks for radio studio one

Shahrokh Dini (Shahrokh Sound of K.) (Compost-Blacklabel)
favourite track: Stndards_Slavaki - Money Spell :) Please send me Waves ...

Alex Clavijo (Bush, Moody, King Street, Undertechnical)
Great EP. Support!

Jackson Arms (Igloo Magazine)
Money spell for me.

Dan Marciano
nice tracks !

Gurwan (Buena Onda Records)
good Album overall ! i will play some of them ! ty

Harem Tone / Jay Riordan (ToneKontrol, Minus, Circle Music, Baroque, Nice&Nasty)
Like it all over load is cool :)


Nocturne (
Love these clicky tech vibes.

Johan N. Lecander (DI.FM)
Nice stuff here, will support

Elie Eidelman (Dirt Crew Recordings, Sweatlodge)
some cool duby vibes here... 


Andrea Loche (Diva / So Cycle Recordings)
Great work! Will try! thanks!

Nurhee (blue dye rec)
good package! thank you ;)


Pagalve (Techstylism, Shaded Music)
Nice album


ROM 3Ø3 aka Romforlove (Volute Records, Yoruba Grooves, Rewind)
Solid. Nice melody on White Stripe / Black Stripe. Like it


Celine (The Key Radio)

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
downloaded for r hawtin

Marco Carola (Music On)
downloading for marco carola, thanks


Maceo Plex (ELLUM Audio )
downloaded for Maceo Plex / Maetrik, thanks for the music!

Paco Osuna (Plus 8)
Will try thanks ;)

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