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The new 11th episode of Slavaki's live studio sessions is here!

Another trippy funky house tune from Slavaki, featuring arrangement of some acoustic instruments, electronic grooves, live percussion and otherworldly synthesizer parts. All footage was filmed during the recording sessions in June 2023.

Hi everyone! Here's the full 9th episode of my live studio session series. Feel free to watch and share. Even better if you use a good set of speakers or headphones, so that you can feel the full spectrum. In this video I wanted to make more of a synthesized, electronic based, and a bit darker track. It's like in life, we get storms, and then the sunshine comes again. Here I've also used a piece from a poem I wrote some time ago. I actually recorded a lot more vocal parts for this tune, but in the end I only left in two lines. If you like this video, please find and subscribe to me on all known and unknown platforms! Thank you for watching, till later. Slavaki

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