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Hello everyone! As promised, I wanted to show you the vinyl sleeves for my Sitting in My Garden EP. I just have to colour in the green bits of the artwork, and the sleeve will be complete. When I get hold of some photos and videos that my friend took during the process, I will show you how it was done. If you haven't checked out the release yet, you can do it using the link below. You can also pre-order a copy of the vinyl while you are there if you fancy. Extra appreciation goes out to those who have done so!



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Hello everyone! My new record Sitting in My Garden is ready. I am just finishing decorating the sleeves and then the goodies will be ready to go to the happy owners. As with my previous few releases, this is a very limited run featuring heavyweight vinyl and hand-printed artwork. There will be very few of these records around. Also this time, I don't have a distributor. It is now a good opportunity to open a pre-order, and I have just set up a page for that. You can listen to the tunes, read the notes and if you like to buy a record, you can make a pre-order there as well. It is a private page, so you will have to enter your email and then you'll become a site member which is also a cool thing because this gives you extra access (unless you are already a member). In the next couple of days I will also share with you some pics of already decorated items, but for now the release page is already up and running and you are welcome to visit it via the link below.

Many thanks in advance for your support!


Slavaki Live Studio Sessions return with a new 4th episode featuring Slavaki's improvised, free-flowing style of electronic music production. Watch the artist create a musical piece using Rhodes piano, melodica, various synthesizers, drum machines, guitars, percussion instruments. Slavaki blends the elements of electronic and organic nature to achieve his unique, intricate, and soulful sound.

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