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Hello everyone! I trust you are doing well! I just wanted to share the first tune off my new record Sitting In My Garden, and you can also check out some shots of the record itself. It features screen-printed card sleeves with some cool one-off acrylic painted details. Very limited edition! The release is up on Bandcamp now, just go to and get it. Extra thanks to those who pre-ordered from my web-site. If you are in Valencia, the vinyl can be picked up at Ultrasound record shop. Otherwise just head to Bandcamp or Many thanks in advance!

Hello everyone! As promised, I wanted to show you the vinyl sleeves for my Sitting in My Garden EP. I just have to colour in the green bits of the artwork, and the sleeve will be complete. When I get hold of some photos and videos that my friend took during the process, I will show you how it was done. If you haven't checked out the release yet, you can do it using the link below. You can also pre-order a copy of the vinyl while you are there if you fancy. Extra appreciation goes out to those who have done so!



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