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Slavaki new album is here! Double CD in a hand-stamped recycled card sleeve. Preview clips on the home page Very limited run, so don't sleep on it. Enjoy!


DJ Feedback:

xaric (Stripped Digital / Se-Lek Music / DMradio / Cosmos-Radio)
amazing release!!

Dancefloor Mayhem 
LOVE Underbell! I also like Crystalizer, Circles of Life and Brotsmannoble. Will play on my radio show.

Really dreamy release. Loving Sunday at Nine & Little K.


Fran Ashram (Gammawave Radio)
very nice, all the tracks, i like so much the Slavaki's deep touch, really a very creative artist with a great taste

Stickr (
Down with you, radio support on

Beautiful album, so sexy! Full support!

Ashcloud is my fav, thxx

nice lush padded sounds


Iain Boney Clark
Very surprised with this, didn't think the whole album was going to be as good.

Gianni N
Deeeeeeep....really,really nice ep. full support

Dean Facer (RA, OurHouse Magazine, IDM Magazine)
Thanks - downloading!

Digital FM
Nice Album! Tnx DFM

Radio X Basel
Very nice. Thanks for sending!

Oliver Osborne
I like this a lot!

Cole Medina
thanks for the promo, looking forward to have a listen! Cheers!

Great tracks, pure vibes. Will give it some

Richie Hawtin
downloaded for r hawtin

Timos Koklas (Elixir Radio, Greece)
nice tracks, i like it, i'll give it a go, thanks!!!

Lush goodness

Patrick Ebert
Nice and special album

Little K is nice, will try it. Thanks.

Enzo Sorrentino
Cool! Thanks!

Norbert Borchers (
Hey, hey... very cool deep house Album!

Luis Martinez
Nice album will support. As it goes is the best for me.

thank you


Evren Ulusoy (Evren Ulusoy)
Interesting stuff. Will have a better listen when in car

Nino (AltroVerso)
playlist in altroverso

HighTower (Jelewa)
full support

Moritz Butschek
Southbound for me, thanks

Great beat! like it!

Ibiza Global Radio (Miguel Garji)
Some nice tracks here. I,ll try, Gracias
Marco Carola (Music On)
downloading for marco carola, thanks 
DJ Jazzmadass (DJ, Radio Presenter)
very creative album, something else.
Sensoreal (Soma Records, Stil vor Talent, Seta Label)
Last Dance is nice. Thanks
Steve Stix (Monopark / Fusion Club - GER)

Riyaz Khan (Diversions Radio Toronto)
nice sounds - like the immersive flows and deep atmospheres
Evren Ulusoy (Evren Ulusoy)
Some nice ideas.
The Abyss Radio Show 
Downloading to consider for inclusion in upcoming episode of The Abyss radio show. Many thanks, Jon
Essential deLuxe (RadioShow)
Good LP
Lorenzo al Dino (Jockey Club Ibiza, Tiburon - Formentera, Royal Plastic Music Gro)
well prodcued album, solid and straight deep. Support !
Bryce Hackford (PRAH Recordings)
DJ Pope (POJI Records/
DJ Maurice (Radio Partygroove Italy )
nice for chillin thank you
Danny Slade 
Nice for summer terrace plays and generally chilling.
Timmy Byrne (Station Manager - Kiss FM)
Poss. a bit too experimental/abstract for me but will DL and give it a chance
Lex (Athens) 
good stuff, thanks!!
Salah Sadeq (, the crate, bitm)
thanks liked the release. lots of playable tracks. and fresh pls send aiff
Al Marzocchi (Rebel Rabble Brighton)
Some nice tunes on here. Standout being Down With You - lovely keys, pads and rhythm. Will play on and club
Harry Avers (Noice Podcast)
a very nice album effort
Steve Mantovani (Base Trax)
Nice!!! thanks!
Red Beard (Moonchild Records, PromoOne, Global Underground)
lovely ep

Milos Leporelo 
I'm big fan of this sound. Stripped down but still warm and groovy.
Tony Tay [SIRENS] 
Nice package! Thank you for sending. 


Danny Tenaglia (Twisted)

Al Marzocchi (Rebel Rabble Brighton)
Nice and fresh sounds. Very creative and bold

COMMA Group 
thanks for sharing! 
good music :) 

Steve Stix (Monopark / Fusion Club - GER)
Jonathan Barnes 
Some well thought out stuff...tasteful & creative.
Meri (ROTD) 
Very good indeed!
Essential deLuxe (RadioShow)
Good LP
The Abyss Radio Show 
Downloading to consider for inclusion in upcoming episode of The Abyss radio show. Many thanks, Jon
Lorenzo al Dino (Jockey Club Ibiza, Tiburon - Formentera, Royal Plastic Music Gro)
Like the first part, soild prodcued and some great tracks to support.
Danny Slade 
A couple of nice tracks on here! 

Salah Sadeq (, the crate, bitm)

Just responded to disc 1 and pleasant surprise to find disc two. very ncie work  



Moody sounds, will try. Wind in hair for me! Thx

Colin Dale (Abstrakt Dance Records)
Cool album.  


Norbert Borchers (
Fonokult is quite ok. I found more tracks which I like on Disc one...     

m50 (WNUR-FM 89.3, Pulse Radio, Intergalactic FM)
very nice
Andrea Loche (Diva / So Cycle)
Nice work!
cassette blog 
Muy bueno todo, entre old school y sonidos bien modernos.... 
Monsta (Music Choice, New York City)
Creative tracks!
Bryce Hackford (PRAH Recordings)
I like the attitude.
Harry Avers (Noice Podcast)
this sounds really nice... disc 1 was pretty cool as well...

Slavaki Album, 2xCD

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